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.An average, but overpriced Polish eReader, based on the ubiquitous Netronix EB-600.

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eClicto ebook Review

Visit eClicto eBook reader SiteeClicto is a new Polish eReader, actually a variant of the Netronix EB-600, the most copied eReader design in the world (a pity it isn't particularly exceptional). It has the same basic hardware as the the European Cybook Gen 3, the UK COOL-ER, the Russian Pocketbook 301, the Polish eClicto, the South Korean Soribook, NUUT and the US eSlick and Astak Mentor Lite. The actual visual design does at least have more panache than most EB-600s, with sweeping grey swirls across the cover.

This is the first eReader specifically targeting the Polish market, and anyone outside the country probably won't be interested in it. Kolporter announced at the Warsaw Book Fair in May 2009, and it debuted a couple months behind schedule in December. There has been some carping about eClicto's marketing though--claiming there are thousands of free ebooks to downloan from Project Gutenberg for example, when only a few dozen are actuall in Polish. There has been quite a debate in the Polish blogosphere whether to back this native-badged reader, or opt for the much more capable international Kindle version when debuted just before eClicto's launch.

This very light eReader does seem a bit fragile and plasticky. It flexes a bit if you apply pressure at the corner. The matte, rubbery finish also shows dust and fingerprints. The scroll wheel will be tricky for left-handers to use. The eClicto has 512 MB of flash memory, and a port for an SD Card which makes it expandable up to 4GB.

The boot time is on the long side, a full 30 seconds, that little too long in our opinion. Audio is via 2.5mm headphone jacks (not the standard 3.5mm size), so you'll need to use special ones. However, the music function seems like an afterthought--you have no audio play controls unless you get out of your book and into the audio file.

The fonts have a distinct digital look unlike the more "print-like" Kindle. The unit has a basic e-ink display, with only four greyscales compared to the 16 on the top models, so graphics in particular will look rather primitive, And the menu system seems less polished as well.

There are also rumors that Kolporter is working on a bigger version, with a 10'' touch screen as well as WiFi and a GSM module for wireless internet.


Connecting: There is no wireless connectivity, quite a drawback when you can get worldwide wireless connectivity (and indeed simple web browsing) with the Kindle 2 for aless money. Both charging and access to drag and drop ebook files is via a USB 2.0 port.


Accessories: We're not aware of accessories for the eClicto.


Price: The eClicto costs 899 zł (some $315--though it does come with 100 free ebooks), a price which simply cannot compare with the higher funcationality, lower price eReaders on the market.


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Key Facts


Price: 899 zł (~$315)
Dec 2009

Display: 6 inch diagonal electronic paper display
600 x 800 pixels at 170 ppi, 4 greyscales
7.4'' x 4.7'' x .3''
6.3 oz
Battery life (reading w/wireless off):
2 weeks (8,000 page turns)
2.5mm stereo audio jack, rear mounted stereo speakers

Memory: 512 MB
Boot Time: 30 seconds
Full Screen Refresh: Unknown

Formats supported (7): TXT, PDF, HTML, ePub, BMP, JPG, PNG

Kolporter (Poland) / Netronix (Taiwan)

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